Bizs+ researches and develops the most suitable oral health care solutions for each group of people.


All modern equipment of production imported from Belgium and United Kingdom helps Bizs+ to produce quality products.


A wide distribution network with more than 10,000 selling points, hundreds of supermarkets, dozens of distributors nationwide.

Oral health care tips

Oral health care is not only meant for teeth, gums, and breath but also has impacts on other health problems inside the body. Let's find out Oral health care tips with Bizs+ to prevent these risks.

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Use toothbrush with the appropriate size

To keep your mouth clean and in complete care.

Change toothbrush every 2-3 months

To ensure that your teeth are always taken care of with the best quality toothbrushes.

Change toothbrush after illness

To completely remove bacteria.

Keep toothbrush clean

Rinse toothbrush with water and place in a dry place after every use.


The latest toothbrushes from Bizs+ are produced to suit each group of customers

10000+ Stores

100+ Supermarkets

50+ Distributors

1000+ Employees


Bisz+ is present in Vietnam's leading wholesale and retail systems


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