Bizs+ launchs a new high-end toothbrush – ZenShine

November 10, 2017

On November 9th, 2017, Bizs+ held the event of launching ZenShine toothbrush, a high-end product. The event not only marked a new breakthrough in the product’s research and development of Bizs+ to affirm Bizs+ brand in the market, but also created an opportunity for the whole staff of Bizs+ to meet each other, exchange experience as well as increase solidarity.

The event welcomed the participation of K&G Vietnam’s executive board and more than 100 employees of Bizs+ from all over the Northern and Central Coast provinces. Especially, the color of Bizs +, red, was covered the hall, bringing an exciting atmosphere than ever.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Nguyen Vu Hai Dang, Brand Manager of Bizs+, introduced about K&G Vietnam and the new high-end toothbrush – ZenShine, the latest and most advanced products of Bizs +. With Mix Soft Soft technology that helps clean teeth more thoroughly, the anti-mold handle which is certified from the United States, combining with No.1 unique pattern marking technology from Japan, and 100% imported materials, ZenShine promises to bring a whole new experience for users, creating a new wave in the market when launched.

Bizs+ launched the high-end toothbrush Zen Shine

Mr. Nguyen Vu Hai Dang introduced about Bizs+ ZenShine toothbrush

ZenShine, the only wood and stone pattern toothbrush in Vietnam

The high-level ZenShine toothbrush – classify in every detail

Introductory video about Bizs+ ZenShine toothbrush

Right after the introduction of the product, Mr. Dam Thuan Sang, K&G’s Director of Sales launched a marketing strategy and sales plans of ZenShine products to all staff. The campaign started on November 6, , aiming to the high-end segment, with the goal of selling 1 million toothbrushes a month, covering over 3,000 selling points throughout the Northern market.

Mr. Dao Thuan Sang launched the sales plan

Mr. Dao Thuan Sang launched the sales plan

At the end of the event, Mr. Tang Van Khanh, CEO of K&G Vietnam, shared and encouraged sales warriors of Bizs+. He specially dedicated “3 golden words” to the ZenShine toothbrush, which is “Subtle – Quality – Classy”. These 3 words affirmed the status of ZenShine and also became the motto of the whole event.

Share of Mr. Tang Van Khanh, CEO of K&G Vietnam

Mr. Tang Van Khanh, CEO of K&G Vietnam Company shared with the GT channel’s warriors

Some photos of activities in the event:

Take check-in photos

Take check-in photo

Fast memory game

Exciting presentation on the product, a small game in the event

Bizs+ launched the high-end toothbrush Zenshine

Close eyes and feel the beauty of Zenshine toothbrush

Close eyes and feel the beauty of Zenshine toothbrush

Strong Bizs+ group

Bizs+ group

The launching event ended with the cheers of the entire Bizs+ staff, chanting the “3 golden words” of ZenShine: Subtle – Quality – Class. From November 5, ZenShine, the high-end toothbrush applied modern Japanese technologies, will officially be presented in Vietnam market. The unity and determination of Bizs+ warriors will definitely bring Bizs+ further in the domestic market and in the world, creating a strong business.

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