Bizsplus – Service from the heart journey

March 2, 2018

“What comes from the heart, goes to the heart.

That is the famous quote of billionaire Howard Schultz – who built Starbucks to become the largest coffee corporation in the world with two hands.

Starbucks and Bizsplus have annual revenue which is in the same amount but vary in currency: billion USD and billion VND, a global brand is nearly 50 years old and a new domestic brand which has already celebrated the 5th birthday for few days.

But both Starbucks and Bizsplus are succeeding with the loftiest service philosophy: Service from the heart.

Bizsplus - 5 năm dịch vụ từ trái tim 1

Bizsplus’s team – who serve with all their heart

During the trip to prepare for the series of the commemoration of the 5th anniversary of K&G Vietnam, I have met many customers of Bizsplus throughout the North. In the hot weather of the July in the Central Coast, my heart was cooled by the unremitting compliments of customers to GT’s Salesman team.

“At the first time, I was afraid, so not to dare to take the goods, but every week he visits, cleans the goods shelves and helps me sell my goods. Although I do not import his goods, he still smiles and is enthusiastic. Now, my family sees him as a member.”

What makes a customer say so sincerely about a salesperson? That occurs only when the salesperson touches the customer’s heart with the service from his heart.

Bizsplus - 5 năm dịch vụ từ trái tim 1

Heart from customers for Bizs+ at Beijing Bird’s Nest Stadium

Bizsplus - 5 năm dịch vụ từ trái tim 1

The Bizs+ customer community has become a family

In the sixth year of the journey of serving community, among the giant competitors which are multinational corporations, Bizsplus still holds the belief in the journey of carrying out the noble mission, that is to provide the best solution for comprehensive oral health care and become a lovemark of the Vietnamese.

Pour the heart into customer service, how to make customers more satisfied than yesterday, that is the concern of the entire team of Bizsplus from GT, MT channel to Marketing team and Factory …

Bizsplus - 5 năm dịch vụ từ trái tim 1

Customer’s yoga in the early morning under the guidance of a Bizs+ expert

Bizsplus - 5 năm dịch vụ từ trái tim 1

Customers are always touched when receiving the attention of Bizs+ on birthday

Bizsplus - 5 năm dịch vụ từ trái tim 1

Many gifts are sent to customers by Bizs+

After the 2016 Singapore – Malaysia tour, Bizsplus has opened a new phase of customer service in 2017. For the first time in Vietnam, a consumer goods brand grants customers 3 travel itineraries, with 7 destinations: Da Lat, Nha Trang, Ha Long, especially Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. It is said that, with his heart, Bizsplus has become a pioneer in service mission.

A big customer of Bizsplus in Haiphong, the president of two export-import businesses with hundreds of billions Dong of revenue each year, who regularly experiences five-star services in many countries around the world, said that “There is no company that serves customers as well as Bizplus. Traveling with you, we do not have to prepare anything because you support us everything. You care for, worry, pay attention to customers from travel, eating, sleeping to the smallest things. We are very pleased and feel your sincerity. ”

Bizsplus - 5 năm dịch vụ từ trái tim 1

Bizs+ always recognizes the contribution of customers

Bizsplus - 5 năm dịch vụ từ trái tim 1

Visit the Great Wall of China

Bizsplus - 5 năm dịch vụ từ trái tim 1

Team building activities on the roofs of a skyscraper in China

Bizsplus - 5 năm dịch vụ từ trái tim 1

Customers always burn themselves in the programs of Bizs+

5 years is not a long time, but is the basis for Bizsplus to write a permanent relationship with customers. The best quality toothbrushes will lightly touch the lip and the service will deepen into the heart of customers.

Welcome 2018, the sixth year of service, Bizsplus’s warriors will continue to hold on to their beliefs, and persistence with all attitudes, thoughts and actions coming from their hearts to bring the best benefits for customers. Success will continue, the glory is right in the future, the mission will be completed, Bizsplus will achieve all by service from the heart.

Nguyen Vu Hai Đang – Bizsplus Brand Manager

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