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bàn chải đánh răng bizsplus bamboo xanh lá

Bizs+ Bamboo Toothbrush

Clean teeth and be antibacterial with natural bamboo salt

  • Price: 21,000 VNĐ

Bristles are made of dental floss and safe for the gums. Bristles are also made of natural PBT yarn with high elastic, imported 100% from Korea and manufactured in accordance with European and American Quality Standard IEC 62321/CDV.

Handle is made of high-quality plastic which absolutely resists mold to protect the family from bacterial attack. Materials of the handle are imported, meeting European Standard 2011/65/EU.

Handle design is in the shape of bamboos with 5 knots and floating grooves between the knots which are anti-slip and help to massage the palm.

Barcode: 8936065833258