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Bizs+ Pearl Toothbrush

Clean - White - Strong teeth with Pearl essence

  • SKU: ZTB01707
  • Price: 38,000 VNĐ

Bizsplus Pearl Toothbrush is applied the latest technology in Vietnam, help clean teeth become Clean – White – Strong with Pearl essence, the perfect oral care product for the Vietnamese.

Handle of toothbrush BizsPlus Pearl are inspired by designs from the world famous pearl jewelry of the Japanese Imperial with splendor and luxury. The curve of the brush makes it easy to handle, combing deeply into the oral cavity easily.

  • Restore the natural whiteness of the teeth by removing plaque, minimizing the formation of yellow stains.
  • Twisted filament spiral filament is super soft, brings smooth and comfortablle feelings for the user.
  • The handle of toothbrush is anti-mold absolutely, preventing bacteria from forming.
  • Bristle textures with high density. The distance between the bristle clusters is narrowed, helping your teeth is cleaner and fresh feeling.

Barcode: 89352709 05903