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Bizs+ Sunflower Toothbrush

Clean your teeth, give the green earth

  • SKU: ZTB01607
  • Price: 32,000 VNĐ

Made from 90% pure natural materials. Bizs + Sunflower is the first environmentally friendly toothbrush in Vietnam.

Being named after Sunflower, the famous flower of the sunrise – Japan, Bizs + Sunflower not only creates a complete, safe and user-friendly dental care product but also a pioneering toothbrush for the mission of protecting the environment of humanity.

  • Dual Gold Filament bristles with twice the softness and elasticity, reduces bristles loss by up to 80%.
  • The head of the brush is small, wool deep into the oral cavity better, clean effectively and thoroughly.
  • The product is well-designed, with floating sticks that help prevent slipping and massage the palm.
  • Handle of toothbrush BizsPlus Sunflower is antibacterial absolute, safe with the user.

Barcode: 89352709 05897