The Warrior’s Way – Episode 1: Service from the heart

Opening of the film series "The Warrior’s way" which are promised to release by K&G Vietnam in 2018, a short film titled "Service from the heart" was shown at the 2018 Business Plan Meeting, bringing to emotional moments about the journey of a Bizs+ sales warrior: Having to deal with lots of difficulties but always persist to the end with all the heart in order to conquer all customers.

The film is based on the real experience of a real character. The main actor in the film is Mr. Dinh Cong Than, a sales warrior of Bizs+ in Hanoi and one of his close customers, Mrs. Phuong, the owner of Ba Phuong grocery store, one of the customers have been conquered and stick with Bizs+ by the service from the heart.

Although the film only lasted less than 11 minutes, when it was shown, the film shook hundreds of Bizs+ and K&G Vietnam warriors, bringing them all into unforgettable moments from the early days when they have become a sales warrior.

The beginning of a sales warrior is not easy, as always facing the refusal from the customers. But persistence, honesty, and heart-heartedness are keys for Bizs+ warriors to step up to build the trust of their customers.

And success always smiles at the person who tries his (her) best. By the service from the heart, with the dedication and credo "Customers are God", Mr. Than in particular and the Bizs+ warriors in general have successfully conquered thousands of customers and partners, who have been together with Bizs+ and create the success of Bizs+ today.

Not only provides for customers the greatest incentives, the best support, Bizs+ also offers gifts, organize big customer gratitude programs every year to show affection and respect that Bizs+ dedicates to its partners. Bizs+ promises to continue to bring the customers the best experiences, and we hope that the customers continue to support and accompany with Bizs+ to make more brilliant successes.

My Hang