Return Policy

1. Type of product applied

Only applicable to full-priced products purchased at online sales channel

2. Time to change products

Within 7 days of purchase. (Products purchased at stores and supermarkets will depend on the policy of the seller.)

- Date of purchase: Is the date written on the application when the customer receives the goods.

3. Conditions of product change

- Unused products are still in packaging, 100% new and have technical errors due to production.

- Products meet the conditions of Product Change Time.

- The product is not dirty, dirty, damaged by external agents after purchasing the product.

- Goods identified as originating from online sales channel

Product does not accept exchange:

- The product has been removed from the packaging or used

- Product is over the change period

- Products with abnormal signs due to external impacts such as collisions, friction with hard objects that scratch and damage

- There are no invoices or documents proving to have been purchased through online sales channel

- Products that fall into the category of discounts, promotions, in the monthly discount program, inventory liquidation.

4. Value of barter

- Innovative products will have equal or greater value than previously purchased products.

- In case the new product has a higher value, the customer has to pay the extra amount.

5. Process of handling barter procedures

- Customers contact support online or via Customer Service Center of Bizs + 1800 6226 (branch 2)

- Customers deliver goods to Customer Care Department according to company address.

- Bizs+ employees will check the status of products and proceed to exchange goods with cases where the products meet the criteria of barter policy in the committed policy.

- After conducting verification, BizS + staff will contact by phone or email to confirm the exchange information.

- The process of handling barter procedures is carried out within 3 - 7 days from the time Bizs+ receives all information and documents prescribed by customers.

6. Regulations on calculation of shipping charges

For all technical error products: The company bears a 2-way shipping fee.