Bizs+ Storm Toothbrush

Thương hiệu: Bizs+

Two layers of ultra-thin Microfil dental floss create double impact, helping massage the gums, clean teeth thoroughly and dissolve all plaque. Bristles are made of natural PBT yarn with high elastic, imported 100% from Korea and manufactured in accordance with European and American Quality Standard IEC 62321/CDV.

Handle is made of high-quality plastic that is environmentally friendly and resistant to mold, having plasticity that helps to reduce the excess power when brushing. Handle is produced from imported materials, ensuring quality and safety in accordance with European Standard 2011/65 / EU.

Flexible design with non-slip grooves helps to hold firmly and absorb the excess power. Round brush head is designed especially for Asians, cleaning teeth flexibly and thoroughly.

Barcode: 8936065833203

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