Bizs+ Star Toothbrush

Thương hiệu: Bizs+

Super soft bristles with a thickness of 0.01mm are imported from Korea, can deep into the mouth to clean between the teeth and massage the gums. The structure of elastic yarn helps to remove all plaque and brighten teeth. Quality of bristles meets European and American Quality Standard IEC 62321/CDV.

Handle is made of high-quality plastic that is environmentally friendly and resistant to mold. Flexible handle with unique diamond-shaped holding points helps to hold firmly and absorb the excess power. Handle meets European Standard 2011/65/EU.

Design is in a star pattern with unique curves. A small brush head helps to deep into the mouth to clean between the teeth.

Barcode: 8936065833210

Hotline hỗ trợ 24/7: (+84) 24 3788 0111